Additional Measures/ Air Filters

In addition to measures already in place in the school to combat the spread of Covid 19 the BOM aims to have an air filter installed in every classroom in the school prior to reopening on 6th January 2022. While air filters kill viruses the will not remove Carbon Dioxide form the air so good ventilation practices will continue to operate in the school in line with Department of Education guidelines.

Pupils will continue to be seated in PODS. PODS may change after Christmas. Classes will not mix at any stage during the school day so staggered breaks will continue in January.

Pupils in Junior Infants to 2nd class are not required to social distance. Perspex screens will continue to be used in 3rd to 6th class to ensure there is as much space as possible between pupils in classrooms.

The Department of Education is recommending that pupil in 3rd to 6th class continue to wear face coverings. This will be reviewed at some stage in February 2022.

Enhanced cleaning of 5 hours per day will continue. In addition to this the school will be ‘fogged’ at regular intervals as recommended by the product guidelines.

As always if your child has any sign or symptom of Covid 19 he/ she cannot attend school. Thank you for your support in relation to this and I look forward to your continued support in relation to this matter for the rest of this school year and going forward.

Updated School Covid 19 Response Plan February 2021

Supporting the Safe Provision of Schooling (SSPS) Inspection

A Department of Education and Skills Inspector carried out a Supporting the Safe Provision of Schooling (SSPS) inspection in the school on Thursday 19th November. The school met all requirements in relation to all checks. A copy of the report can be found below: -

Reopening September 2020

The BOM fully adopt the DES Covid 19 Response Plan and have developed a Covid 19 Policy Statement to this effect. Both of these documents can be viewed below: -

September 2020:

School doors will open at 9:10 a.m. to allow all pupils to enter the school safely on a gradual basis. Parents may walk pupils in Junior and Senior Infants to the external Infants door. Pupils in 1st to 6th class are expected to walk into the school building from the gate.

  • 1st and 6th class pupils will enter and exit using the emergency exit in their classroom.
  • 2nd and 5th class pupils will enter and exit using the door with the railing
  • 3rd and 4th class pupils will enter and exit using the main door
  • Junior and Senior Infants will enter via the Infants door.

No pupil or parent should be on school grounds before 9:10 a.m. Break times will be staggered in the school. The Senior Yard is divided into two to create four different yards: - the Infant's yard closest to the school, 1st and 2nd yard at the back of the school, and two sections for the Senior yard. This will allow four classes to be on yard at any one time. A total of 8 adults (6 teachers and 2 SNA's will be on yard duty every day).

On wet days, children will remain in their classroom as per the school Supervision Policy. At home time, 2 p.m. Junior Infants will exit via the Infant door. Senior Infants will exit via the main door. Parents are asked to stand along the diagonal white line and along the wall of the glass corridor. Markers are painted to assist with maintaining social distancing, 3 p.m. 1st and 6th class will exit via their emergency exits. 2nd and 5th class pupils will exit via the door with the railing, and 3rd and 4th will exit via the main door. Pupils will be released one at a time. A number of markers are painted along the boundary to assist parents with social distancing at 3 p.m. A large number of people cannot stand at the school gate. We need your cooperation in relation to this.

 St. Joseph’s N.S., Leitrim Village, Roll No: 01125B