1st December 2019 to 30th November 2023


September 2021


1st September 2021


St. Joseph’s N.S., Leitrim Village, is situated on the banks of the Shannon-Erne waterway. In 1835 the first National School in Ireland was opened in Leitrim. History shows that there were two teachers in the school; the second teacher was called a monitor.

The first post-primary school in Leitrim was built in 1851 by the local landlords, the La Touche family, who saw a need in the area for agricultural education for the poverty stricken population. It was called the Model School.

The National School of 1835 was replaced and relocated behind the old school in 1972. The site was donated by the Meehan family. Master Meehan lived in the old Model School and taught in the National School. The school was designed at that time for four teachers. The two plus two was made up of the amalgamation of Kiltoghert N.S. and Leitrim N.S.

The School Today

At present the school has eleven full time teachers: - a principal, eight classroom teachers and two full-time Special Education Teachers. The school also has two shared Learning Support and Resource Teachers. These teachers are based in another school, but teach in this school for a number of hours every week. The school currently has two full time SNA’s and a part-time secretary, cleaner and caretaker. 

The school started refurbishment in 2002, and the addition of a link-corridor has facilitated great freedom of movement for all in the school, and safety for the children. A clear out of the school hall at the end of 2007 has also increased the amount of space in the school. In February 2010 an additional prefab classroom was completed to accommodate the sixth mainstream teacher. In early 2011 a new classroom and staffroom was added to accommodate the 7th mainstream teacher. Our eight classroom and principal’s office were completed in September 2015.

In January 2020 the school won the Aldi play Rugby prize of €50,000 which will be used for sporting facilities at the school. School closures due to COVID-19 impacted on the progress of the development plans.

The school enrolment was 213 on 30th September 2020.

Immigration to our country of various nationalities is giving a multicultural aspect to school life. We have four /five nationalities in our school population at present. We continue to expand our knowledge of other cultures by involving ourselves with the Intercultural Programme devised by the Department of Education.

Boys Uniform

Wine jumpers
Grey slacks
White shirt ∕ polo shirts

Girls Uniform

Wine jumpers ∕ cardigans
Grey pinafore ∕ skirt ∕ slacks
White shirt ∕ polo shirt
Black Shoes∕ boots

P.E. Wear

Grey tracksuit bottoms to be purchased in “The Magnet” or “Gerard Anthony’s”

School Colours: Yellow and Purple  

St. Joseph’s N.S., Leitrim Village, Roll No: 01125B

School Crest: