Trespassing on School Grounds

Pupils enrolled in St. Joseph's N.S., Leitrim Village and their parents are only allowed on school grounds during the school day, during the school term. No pupil, parent, past pupil or member of the community/ public is allowed onto the school grounds outside of these times without BOM permission.

Any individual on school grounds without BOM permission is trespassing. There is 24 hour CCTV in operation on school grounds. The Gardai will be informed legal action will be taken.

A large number of broken beer bottles were discovered on the school yard on Saturday morning 1st May. This poses a serious health and safety risk to all pupils and staff of the school. The BOM will strive to ensure all the broken glass is removed. This is a very difficult task. The BOM have no option but to take legal action against any individual trespassing on school grounds. CCTV recordings will be accessed and given to the Gardai, if necessary.

BOM, St. Joseph's N.S., Leitrim Village