Morning Ireland Recordings

We will let you know, as soon as we know, when pupils recordings will feature on the Morning Ireland Radio Programme.

The school was informed that the recordings would feature this morning, Friday 22nd May. This didn’t happen. Perhaps they have decided to use more recordings than initially planned or to extend the slot. We are waiting to hear more. We will keep you updated.

6th Class Graduation Project

Good morning,

As you are aware the 6th class Graduation Ceremony cannot go ahead in the current format this year. Thank you for your suggestions regarding alternatives. The following is what we have agreed on in the school: –

This year we would like to create a photo video (something similar to what Mr Blake created on the school facebook page). The photo video would be of 6th class pupils only and will not be shared on any social media including the school website or school facebook page.

We are seeking your assistance with the following to create this photo video: –

Please e-mail 3 photos of your child to the school e-mail address, Please do not reply to this e-mail but create a new e-mail. Please write your child’s name and 6th class graduation in the subject bar. Please e-mail the photos to the school before 3 p.m. on Wednesday 3rd June.

Photo 1, a baby photo

Photo 2, early childhood photo (perhaps starting school, First Holy Communion, important family event, Christmas photo etc)

Photo 3, a current photo (perhaps highlighting some of your child’s gifts and talents e.g. playing a musical instrument, holding a pet, kicking a football, holding a piece of art, trophy/ medal won for some activity etc)

Once the photos have been organised in a video format they will be shared with parents of 6th class pupils and staff. Staff would also like to see the finished video. The video is not to be shred on any social media platform.

Thanking you in advance for your co-operation.

Richella Kelly,


School Grounds

The school is closed until September 2020. Pupils should only be on school grounds during school time. Therefore no pupil, child or parent should be on school grounds.

We have 24 hour CCTV in operation. In recent weeks a number of children and parents have been seen on  school grounds. The school alarm has been activiated. This must stop. In future the gardai will be notified.

Thank you for your co-operation. The BOM of St. Joseph’s N.S.