School on TV

RTE will broadcast ‘School on TV’ weekdays at 11 a.m on RTE 2 starting Monday 30th March. Curriculum based worksheets and related activities will be available on Home School extra will be braodcast at 4:15 p.m. daily.

Primary Planet/ News Flash

As the school is currently closed, future editions of The Primary Planet, News Flash and Eipic will be published as an online magazine from April onwards. Pupils can read the magazine on The April issue will be online from Wednesday 1st April. Related exercises, quizzes and activities will be posted on the website daily.

Thank you to the Primary Planet/ News Flash team.


No Barriers at Home Soccer Challenge


Welcome to No Barriers at Home, a fun interactive project that brings people together, even when we can’t be together!

With the current COVID-19 restrictions in place, the No Barriers project has been amended to suit your current environment.

The project celebrates football ‘Champions’ from each of the 12 host cities of the UEFA EURO 2020 tournament who have overcome barriers to achieve success on the football pitch. Their stories inspire students to become active citizens, using sport to promote social action. The champions – past and present – include players who have challenged racism, a player who led his team to win the championship cup, twice, despite having lost an arm in a car crash, and a Holocaust survivor who went on to be a world-renowned coach.

This new project brings the excitement and power of football directly to pupils in their homes in the Republic of Ireland, focusing on Dublin and London as host cities of the tournament. The project is supported by the Football Association of Ireland and the Greater London Authority.

The first ‘Champion’ that we will feature on the series is England International, Tyrone Mings.


This is where we will be releasing our #NoBarriersChallenge packs:

Watch the video to learn about an inspirational footballer who has tackled barriers to keep playing, fun facts about their host city, and what this session’s #NoBarriersChallenge is.

 Read about them and where they’re from on your Champion Card and Host City Worksheet – click the icons to download them or scroll down through the site to view them.

 Fill in the activities and upload your work for a chance to be featured on our site! You can upload your work using the button below. The videos, champion cards and worksheets are available as Gaeilge;


Don’t forget to check back in, we will be releasing new packs every Sunday and Tuesday at 6 pm.


Free pupil resources are available, including inspiring football Champion Cards and worksheets.


Contact: for more information

Further Activities/ Updates/ Wellbeing

We hope everyone is keeping safe and well during this very stressful and worrying time. Pupil (and parent) wellbeing is very important during this time. Teachers have sent home activities and work for pupils to complete but we do realise that this does not replace school. The daily routine of school provides security as pupils will know what comes next. Then there is the social aspect of school and the various interactions. We must all continue to practice social distancing and follow the new government guidelines.

We are all very aware that family circumstances may have changed recently. While some parents continue to work to provide essential services (health care workers, gardai, supermarket staff, postal workers and others [Thank you]) other families may find one or both parents working from home or even unemployed. Child care is an issue for many and people are worried about the effects on pupils education and development.

During this extended school closure try to keep some sort of routine. Perhaps children could learn a new activity or skill. Perhaps keep a journal of positive thoughts, quotes or songs. Practice gratitude by creating a list of all the good things about today. A healthy diet and exercise is very important as is getting plenty of fresh air and keeping hydrated. Communicate with friends and family by telephone or video calls.

Below are some additional activities which pupils may like to engage in this week.

Bus Eireann School Bus Transport: Applications for School Transport for the new school year are currently open and can be accessed online at Details of the scheme are also available on our website, Facebook page and The closing date for applications is Friday 24th April 2020.

RTE in conjunction with the DES will air a new TV programme designed to cover aspects of school and education from Monday 30th March at 11 a.m. each weekday on RTE 2. We encourage children to engage with this.

During the two week Easter closure it is important that children take a break.




Parent Hub Newsletter Pilot Issue One



School Transport A4

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Additional Activities

I hope everyone is keeping well and safe. Most teachers sent home activities/ worksheets and homework to be completed over the school closure. Teachers didn’t have much time to prepare for this. Initially the closure was for two weeks. We don’t know when the school will re-open.

Below are some OPTIONAL additional activities which can be completed. They are mainly revision activities. Please note there is NO OBLIGATION to complete these activities. These activities were not set by class teachers. They are activities I had on file from teaching various classes over the past few years.

Make the most of the weather. Fresh air and exercise is very, very important for physical and mental wellbeing. If you have a back garden, children can play there. Go for walks. Practice social distancing. Most children have a football, basketball, hurley, tennis ball or skipping rope. Children can make up their own games.

Younger children can practice writing their letters in sand and water. Chalk has proved to be a big hit in school also.

Draw a picture. Write about the picture. Draw an Easter picture/ Spring picture.

Many children have written their own books already this year. Children may like to keep a diary or write a book. All you need is a pen/ pencil, paper and lots of imagination.

Older children may like to do a project on a topic/ country of their choice. Perhaps practice ICT skills learned earlier in the school year to create interesting word documents or power point presentations.

Write a review about a TV programme/ file. Write a different ending to a TV programme/ file. If the film was based on the book perhaps compare the book and the file. What was different?

Earlier this year one class wrote their own maths word problems. Tables! Mental/ oral maths. Perhaps a parents could act as a student and the child as a teacher!

If children are learning to play a musical instrument they will have plenty of time to practice. Likewise, if they are learning a type of dance. Sing! The lyrics of most songs are available online.

Teach your child the like skill of cooking. Start with very simple things. Can your child make a sandwich?

You may be aware of a child friendly computer programming or coding application called Scratch. Children can work on Scratch at home by downloading Scratch 2.0 (Off Line Editor). To download Scratch 2.0 simply search for Scratch 2.0 in any search engine. Look for I suggest downloading the off line editor. Follow the three steps and a shortcut to scratch should appear on screen. I have attached some basic, step by step lessons, to get children started.

There are many online resources available and many children have their own devices which can access the internet. Please continue to monitor children’s online activities. Parents should have full access to children’s devices. Many social media sites have a lower age limit so primary school children should not be on these sites. Please be mindful of this. Don’t be afraid to turn the wi-fi off at bedtime or any time!





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