Confirmation Clarification

Uniform: Pupils are to wear their School Uniform to the Confirmation Ceremony on Sunday 26th July.

Music: If a pupil would like to play a traditional tune or hymn on the tin whistle, in a solo capacity, during the ceremony please contact Mrs McElgunn as soon as possible with your child’s name and the tune he/ she will play. We can only facilitate 2 or 3 pupils playing a solo tune/ hymn.

Allocated Seating: Each pupil will be assigned a seat/ pew. The pupil, his/ her sponsor and parents/ guardians will all sit in this pew. Most seats will be allocated in alphabetical order. Your child’s name will be on the seat/ pew.

Confirmation Card: This card will contain your child’s details and will be kept for Parish Records. Some information will be completed. Your child’s confirmation name will need to be filled in prior to the ceremony. You will receive this card before the ceremony.  (As with First Holy Communion no gifts or cards are to be exchanged before, during or after the ceremony.)

Confirmation 2020

Confirmation 2020

A Confirmation ceremony for the pupils of 6th Class from Leitrim National School originally scheduled for 26th April will now take place on Sunday 26 July at 3 pm in St Mary’s Church, Carrick-on-Shannon.

In view of the unique circumstances this year, Bishop Francis Duffy has on this occasion given faculties to all priests to administer this sacrament. Fr Seamus O’Rourke will lead this ceremony. All boys and girls who have been preparing for Confirmation are invited to attend on this date.

In view of the restrictions currently in effect the number in church must be limited, so it is requested that each candidate be accompanied by three persons only: one sponsor, and two parents or guardians. In church seating will be allocated as for a family unit – each pupil, their parents/guardians and sponsor will be seated in the one seat.

It would be greatly appreciated if everyone could be seated at least 10 minutes ahead of the ceremony. The Confirmation Card, for the parish records, will be distributed before the ceremony. This card is to be completed before the ceremony.

We very much look forward to meeting you on that day.

Fifth Green Flag

We end this school year with some fantastic news. The school has just been awarded the 5th Green Flag on the theme of Biodiversity.

Thanks to Mrs Ryan our Green Schools Co-ordinator, The Green Gchool committee (members change every year so many pupils have served on the committee), Mrs McGowan, Mrs McNabola, Mrs Gardiner, Terri McGourty, Michael our caretaker, Geraldine in Drumsna Garden Centre, Martina Butler and the many parents that have donated items and helped us over the past number of years.

To achieve our fifth green flag work had to be undertaken to renew each of the four previous flags on waste management, water conservation, energy conservation and travel. Pupils participated in a varitey of curricular based lessons on these themes. We held many walk to school mornings. Children bring a lunchbox to school and bring home any uneaten lunch and waste items. Children practice the good habits of turning off lights when they leave the classroom and not wasting water.

Over the past two years we have developed a school garden at the back of the school. Classes have grown flowers, fruit and vegetables, some from seeds and transplanted them into the garden. Work has continued on the school garden even since the school closed thanks to Mrs Ryan, Mrs McNabola, Mrs McGowan, Terri and Michael.

Thanks to each and every parents that hepled us and supported the various Green Schools events over the years. We hope children have learned lessons for life.

We look forward to celebrating and raising our fifth Green Flag in safer times.

Contacting the school over the Summer Closure

The school will close for summer at 12 noon on Friday 26th June 2020. The school will re-open for all pupils on Tuesday 1st Septebmer 2020. The BOM will be in contact with parents duing the week of the 24th August 2020 to give an update in relation to measures put in place to combat the spread of Covid 19.

Please note there will be no postal deliveries to the school over the summer closure. You will not be able to leave a telephone message. If you need to the contact the school over the summer holidays regarding an urgent and very important matter please e-mail, Please do not expect an immediate reply.

Wishing every reader a happy and safe summer.

Return of Rental Textbooks to the School

Rental Textbooks have to be returned to the school, audited and organised for September.

This weekend, 13th and 14th June please pack your child’s rental textbooks in a plastic bag (small bin liner). Please write your child’s name and class on the outside of the bag in large writing (perhaps on an A4 size page). Please return the rental textbooks to the school on Tuesday 16th June at the times indicated below: –

If your youngest child is in: –

Junior Infants: 9 a.m. to 9:20 a.m. (* See note below)

Senior Infants: 9:20 a.m. to 9:40 a.m. (* See note below)

First Class: 9:40 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Second Class: 10 a.m. to 10:20 a.m.

Third Class: 10:20 to 10:40 a.m.

Fourth Class: 10:40 – 11 a.m.

Fifth Class: 11 a.m. to 11:20 a.m. (**See note below)

Sixth Class: 11:20 to 11:40 a.m.

The school will be closed from 12 noon on Tuesday 16th June.

Obviously if you have children in more than one class you only come to the school once, at the time for the class your youngest child is in.

* Pupils in Junior and Senior should not have any textbooks to return to the school as their books are workbooks and can be written in. Some children may have school library books at home. Please return these to the school at the above times.

** Mr Blake did not send home textbooks so they will not need to be returned to the school. If you have one child in the school, in 5th class, you will not need to return textbooks to the school.

While we would love to see all children we ask that children do not come to the school to return textbooks. Their excitement at possibly seeing their friends for the first time in weeks would not be easy to contain and social distancing would not be observed. This could have serious implications for you and members of your household.

If you are experiencing any of the Covid 19 symptoms, please do not visit the school. Perhaps you could organise somebody else to return your child’s/ children’s textbooks for you. Likewise, if you have a childcare issue on the day please make arrangements for somebody else to return the textbooks for you.

This is not a social occasion and your visit to the school must be brief. Social distancing must be adhered to at all times

If you are unsure which books are rental books and which books are workbooks, please see below for a detailed list. Rental books must be returned to the school. Workbooks can be written in and are kept at home.

Rental Textbooks to be returned to the school are shown in the table below. Please be aware that your child may not have all of these books at home.

Class Rental Textbooks (Must be Returned to the school) Workbooks (Kept by pupils at the end of the school year)
Junior Infants Wonderland Core Readers: – The Picnic, Where can GG sit? Abair Liom A

Burgers Book of Sounds 1 and Take Home decodeable Book 1

Jolly Phonics, Pupil Workbook 1

Planet Maths (Textbook and Activity Book)

Senior Infants Wonderland Core Readers: – Ella Goes to the Airport, The Wrong Car, The Beach House Abair Liom B

Burgers Book of Sounds 2 and Take Home decodeable Books

Just Handwriting Senior Infants Pre-Cursive Handwriting Programme (Book and Practice Book)

Planet Maths (Textbook and Activity Book)

First Class Looking After Zara, The New Suit, Dance Shoes for GG, Feena’s First Book of Facts

Abair Liom C

Soilse, Spórt

Soilse, Cairde Nua

Just Handwriting 1st Class Pre-Cursive Handwriting Programme

Planet Maths 1

Grow In Love, First Class Primary 3

Small World First Class

Second Class GG New Job

The Treasure Hunt

A Surprise for Feena

Class Novel

Abair Liom D

Just Handwriting 2nd Class Cursive

Planet Maths 2

Master Your Maths 2

Grow in Love Second Class Primary 4

Third Class Abair Liom E

Get Set Stage 3 Book 1

Novel The Butterfly Lion

Planet Maths 3

Small World Geography and Science

Small World History


Grow in Love

Master Your Maths 3

Spell Well 3

Fourth Class Abair Liom F

Lets’ Go

Under the Hawthorn Tree

Planet Maths 4

Small World Geography and Science

Small World History


Grow In Love

Spell Well 4

Master Your Maths 4

Fifth Class Abair Liom G


Short Stories

Up and Running

Planet Maths 5

Small World Geography and Science

Small World History


Grow In Love

Word Wise 5

New Wave Mental Maths

Sixth Class ‘Soilse’ Reader

Abair Liom H

Short Stories

Racing Ahead

Planet Maths 6th Class

Small World Geography and Science

Small World History


Grow in Love

Just Grammar 6th class

Mo Lámhleabhar Gramdaí, Rang a Sé

Thank you in advance for your co-operaton in realtion to this matter.

Richella Kelly