Uniform: Pupils are to wear their School Uniform to the Confirmation Ceremony on Sunday 26th July.

Music: If a pupil would like to play a traditional tune or hymn on the tin whistle, in a solo capacity, during the ceremony please contact Mrs McElgunn as soon as possible with your child’s name and the tune he/ she will play. We can only facilitate 2 or 3 pupils playing a solo tune/ hymn.

Allocated Seating: Each pupil will be assigned a seat/ pew. The pupil, his/ her sponsor and parents/ guardians will all sit in this pew. Most seats will be allocated in alphabetical order. Your child’s name will be on the seat/ pew.

Confirmation Card: This card will contain your child’s details and will be kept for Parish Records. Some information will be completed. Your child’s confirmation name will need to be filled in prior to the ceremony. You will receive this card before the ceremony.  (As with First Holy Communion no gifts or cards are to be exchanged before, during or after the ceremony.)

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