RTE Radio One ‘Morning Ireland’ Request for Children’s Experiences of Home Schooling

Good afternoon,

Our school ‘facebook’ page has attracted national attention as a result of all the lovely photographs parents have sent in about what children have been doing since the school closed.

An RTE Radio producer from the ‘Morning Ireland’ show contacted Ms Quinn earlier today. She is looking to put together a radio package featuring children’s experiences during the restrictive measures and since they have been home schooling. She is looking for a cross section of experiences: – good, bad, sad, funny, weird experiences. Birthdays, incidents, if someone was sick, funny things, best things, spending time with family, learning to bake or other new skills, missing their friends, grandparents etc or any story unique to them during ‘lockdown’. (Our school ‘facebook’ page indicates there are a lot of varied experiences!)

If you would like your child to participate you will need to record your child’s experience (max of 20 seconds!) on your smartphone using whatever voice memo app you have on your phone and e-mail it to the following address by 12 noon. tomorrow, Wednesday 20th May 2020. Sorry about the short notice but Ms Quinn was only contacted earlier today.


Please include My Childs Lockdown Experience Leitrim Village NS in the subject bar. Please include your child’s name, age and class in the body of the e-mail and attach the recording.

Advice: With a 20 second time slot every second counts so perhaps practice or even write a short script before you record the item. You may need to record a few time and then e-mail on the best one.

Thanks to Mr Blake and Ms Quinn for all their work uploading items, photographs and videos to the school ‘facebook’ page. Thanks also to Mrs Hynes for her First Holy Communion Guess Who? Video. Thanks to you, each and every parent, for sending in the photographs. Without your help and support this opportunity could not have arisen.

Best of luck to everyone! We’ll all have to listen to Morning Ireland on Friday morning!

Richella Kelly,


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