I hope everyone is keeping well and safe. Most teachers sent home activities/ worksheets and homework to be completed over the school closure. Teachers didn’t have much time to prepare for this. Initially the closure was for two weeks. We don’t know when the school will re-open.

Below are some OPTIONAL additional activities which can be completed. They are mainly revision activities. Please note there is NO OBLIGATION to complete these activities. These activities were not set by class teachers. They are activities I had on file from teaching various classes over the past few years.

Make the most of the weather. Fresh air and exercise is very, very important for physical and mental wellbeing. If you have a back garden, children can play there. Go for walks. Practice social distancing. Most children have a football, basketball, hurley, tennis ball or skipping rope. Children can make up their own games.

Younger children can practice writing their letters in sand and water. Chalk has proved to be a big hit in school also.

Draw a picture. Write about the picture. Draw an Easter picture/ Spring picture.

Many children have written their own books already this year. Children may like to keep a diary or write a book. All you need is a pen/ pencil, paper and lots of imagination.

Older children may like to do a project on a topic/ country of their choice. Perhaps practice ICT skills learned earlier in the school year to create interesting word documents or power point presentations.

Write a review about a TV programme/ file. Write a different ending to a TV programme/ file. If the film was based on the book perhaps compare the book and the file. What was different?

Earlier this year one class wrote their own maths word problems. Tables! Mental/ oral maths. Perhaps a parents could act as a student and the child as a teacher!

If children are learning to play a musical instrument they will have plenty of time to practice. Likewise, if they are learning a type of dance. Sing! The lyrics of most songs are available online.

Teach your child the like skill of cooking. Start with very simple things. Can your child make a sandwich?

You may be aware of a child friendly computer programming or coding application called Scratch. Children can work on Scratch at home by downloading Scratch 2.0 (Off Line Editor). To download Scratch 2.0 simply search for Scratch 2.0 in any search engine. Look for scratch.mit.edu/scratch2download. I suggest downloading the off line editor. Follow the three steps and a shortcut to scratch should appear on screen. I have attached some basic, step by step lessons, to get children started.

There are many online resources available and many children have their own devices which can access the internet. Please continue to monitor children’s online activities. Parents should have full access to children’s devices. Many social media sites have a lower age limit so primary school children should not be on these sites. Please be mindful of this. Don’t be afraid to turn the wi-fi off at bedtime or any time!





5thand6thReadingComprehensionsRK (1)













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