Please note that during the school closure due to Covid 19 there will be no postal deliveries to the school. You will not be able to leave a telephone message. If you need to contact the school please e-mail the school, Please be advised that it may take a number of days to receive a repy.

It is vital that all children parctice Social Distancing. We hope you all keep well and safe.

The school received official notification from the DES after 1 p.m on Thursday 12th March, that all schools are to CLOSE from 6 p.m. on Thursday 12th March up to and including 29th March 2020.

This short notice did not give teachers much time to plan and prepare work for pupils to complete over the next two weeks. Most teachers have sent home packs with pupils.

Below is some general advice on what you can do with your child over this school closure: –

1) Don’t worry about progression on new topics. The best thing you can do is take out their maths book and go over old topics. Especially tables!!! Pick a topic every few days and print out a few worksheets for them to do.  Revision is best here.

2) Join Mathlethics. This is a website packed full of maths games. Children can play against each other and work on all the skills that they will have already covered this year!!

3) Pick out the next 2 reading comprehensions in their English reader. Listen to them read. Get them to do the topics in a new copy for home. Have a read over it yourself when they’re done. Spend a week on each story.

4) Read, Read, Read. This is the best time for kids to read as much as they can. Pick a good book. Download a summery for yourself. Most books have book club type questions for each chapter online. Have a chat with the kids about the books.

5) If your children are older, there are some excellent websites for coding. I use scratch when coding with the kids. There’s loads and loads of tutorials online

6) Twinkl are offering a free month to parents. This website is incredible. It is full of printable for everything from pre schoolers upwards. You will find so much here

7) Pick a topic and get the kids to research and put together a project. This could be done the old fashioned way or using powerpoint or Prezi

8) Scoilnet Primary is another website with a wealth of worksheets and topics for researching.

9) Take 20 mins the night before to have stuff ready. Write the list out and let them at it. Don’t over load them. As a teacher the maths would be the most important in my eyes. They can catch up on the rest.  Keep them practicing their tables over and over!!!!

I hope you all find this helpful. We hope you all keep save and well over the next few weeks.

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