The school was invited to participate in Food Dudes this year.  This will commence on Tuesday of this week, 15th October and will run until 24th October for pupils in 2nd to 6th class and until 12th November for pupils in Junior Infants, Senior Infants and First class.

During this time pupils will receive a small portion of fresh fruit and vegetables every day.  For example grapes and carrots, oranges and cucumbers, apples and mangetout, bananas and peppers.  Pupils are encouraged to taste the food every day and will be rewarded for eating the fruit with regular exposure to these foods.  Pupils will develop a taste for them and it is envisaged that pupils will continue to bring fruit and vegetables to school after the programme as part of their healthy lunches.

For the most part lunches are very healthy in the school.  We hope after this programme every pupil will bring fruit and or vegetable to school.  This cannot happen without the co-operation of all parents.

For the dates mentioned above you many send less lunch to school.  Any fruit or vegetables not eaten will be sent home in your child’s lunch box.

The site where the fruit and vegetables are packed is free from dairy, eggs, nuts, gluten and most seeds.  Kiwi is also not present on site.

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